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Elysium: In Greek mythology, Elysium is a term derived from the Egyptian term “ialu” (older iaru), meaning “reeds,” with specific reference to the “Reed fields”, a paradisaical land of plenty where peoples hoped to spend eternity.

Elysium Yoga: Your source to learn yoga basics and perfect form and body alignment through step by step guidance. Put simply, lead a more relaxing life. From beginner to instructor, is outlet to share, inspire and contribute to Yoga enthusiasts around the world.  My hope is that you find this website useful and informative as you proceed on your own yoga journey.

You are entitled…
You are entitled to take some time out for yourself. You are entitled to take a few moments each day and calm your body and mind. This world will not stop its rotation around the sun just because you wish to practice yoga. Shocked, I bet! But it’s true. Yoga can practice just moments each day or for up to 90 minutes; whichever your schedule allows. And you are entitled to give yourself the attention you feel you deserve and work at a pace that builds you up and doesn’t break you down. You face enough judgment, competition and unrealistic expectations outside your yoga practice, so this resource is not about placing any of those conditions on you.

Congratulations on finding And for taking the first few steps towards a whole, new, relaxed and healthy YOU. Get ready to enlighten and celebrate your desire to learn more about yoga;  the way perhaps it is intended to be practiced…or the way you experience the practice right now, here in this moment. We are uniting body and breath, breath and mind, mind and body. Whether a novice beginner, an intermediate or advanced yogi (or yogini), is here to guide you on one of this world’s most wonderful experiences, that is Y O G A.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions and feedback.