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Top 10 Yoga Brands

Whether new or not to Yoga, sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. That’s why I’ve provided the top ten Yoga brands when it comes to buying women’s yoga clothing. My favorite yoga clothing brands are below – you might spend a little more but they are totally worth it. And that’s actually probably not entirely true… most stores have deals or free shipping and the quality of the clothing will last you many down dogs. ~Namaste~

Gaiam Yoga Brand

Gaiam Yoga offers eco-chic and fair trade yoga products,  they have great selection under $30. Some of my favorite tops are from Gaiam. Not to mention the Serenity Sculpture that I absolutely adore is from this store. There is also the Gaiam Subscription Club you can join which offers a free trial. It offers you the opportunity to learn more about this journey you’re on in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Styles from over 10 yoga brands – you will truly find everything you need all in one place at They even have yoga clothes for kids!

Hard Tail Yoga Brand

Yoga Styles from Hard Tail Forever – as seen in Yoga Journal. This is an amazing brand. The clothing is earthy and trendy, lots of matching pieces. I feel like no matter the body type, you look sexy in Hard Tail.

prAna Yoga Brand

Sweet and Stylish looks from prAna. I actually have to try this brand out but a trusted yogi friend of mine really likes their clothing. Try it and let me know what you think!

‘Be Fit and In Style ‘with Beyond Yoga. Hands down, the yoga pants from Beyond Yoga are fantastic. They look good on your body and work well from the  mat to those errands to work, as in casual Friday…. Be Present is probably my other most favorite yoga pant brand but Beyond Yoga is a close second.

Jade Yoga Brand

Jade Yoga mats are made sustainably in the US from natural rubber, which contains no PVC. They provide optimum grip and offer better cushion and more resilience than any other yoga mat. You can just feel the difference.

Barefoot Yoga Brand

Barefoot Yoga is a great resource for blocks, mats and straps but clothing too! Maybe I’m a sucker for marketing, but I love their logo. I also really like this brand because of what they do to keep the environment in mind. It feels good to know a purchase goes towards a really good company.

the most eco-friendly yoga products on the planet!

Kulae – claims to offer the best eco yoga products on the planet! And I think it’s true because of how transparent they are when it comes to disclosing where and what is put into their yoga mats, towels and accessories.

Danskin Yoga Brand

Maybe it’s just the ballerina in me but these fabrics feel great on your skin and move with you as you flow across your mat. Yoga is very linear in nature and Danskin’s yoga clothing support your body in every move just like they have supported dancers for years. Plus, get Free Shipping everyday on orders over $75!

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